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Don't need Free Replacement Option - Check out our Basic Packages


All Categories of Applicants

Package Value - HK$ 20,060

Special Price - HK$ 12,880


  • Consultation & Documentation

  • Consulate Process & its fees

  • HK Immigration Process & Fees

  • Processing Charges in Helper's Country

  • Air Ticket (upto HK$ 600)

  • Airport Pick Up

  • Assistance in Applying HK ID Card

  • Medical Check up in HK

  • Follow up & Consultation during contract period.


  • Hong Kong Domestic Helper Mandatory Insurance.

  • Medical Check up in Home Country

Highlights of the package

  1. Free Replacement of the helper if the helper leaves within 6 months of reporting duty (Helper resigns or Employer Terminates)

  2. Flexible timeline of 6 months to find a replacement from the date of termination of original helper.

  3. No Questions asked - All Inclusive replacement package*

  4. In case replacement is not needed within 6 months, 20% discount on subsequent replacement within remaining 18 months of contract period.

  5. When helper finishes contract and no replacement or discount is availed within 2 years, 20% Discount on replacement after the completion of contract if the helper does not renew the contract (new helper to be finalised within 3 months from the date of completion of contract)

  6. In case of Contract Renewal with same helper - 50% discount of contract renewal charges.

  7. One extra basic medical check up of the helper during the period of 2 years upon employer's request.

  8. Free - Helper's wage & holiday record keeping package worth HK$ 2400.


* Air Ticket (full amount) for the replacement helper and Training (if required) for the replacement helper is not included in package. 

Points to Note:

  • For inclusions and Exclusions please refer the list of inclusion and exclusion on this page.

  • Once the replacement is availed under this package, there will be no further discounts as mentioned in points 4 to 6 above.

  • Replacement or discount is only applicable when it is availed for replacing the helper for whom this package is paid for. Discount is not applicable of replacing another helper in household or employing additional helper.

  • In case of replacement, if the helpers suggest by us is not suitable for any reason, employer can bring in their own helper and we will process the application for the same. In no circumstance any refund will be issued once the helper for whom this package is available initially, reports to duty.

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